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Holding Others Accountable for Negligence

Premises liability is a broad term that includes any harm caused to an individual who is on someone else’s property. The most well-known type of premises liability action is a slip-and-fall, where a person is injured due to a dangerous condition such as ice on a sidewalk or water on the floor.

After suffering an injury on someone else’s property, you have the right to pursue legal action and seek compensation for the damages you have sustained. Our South Jordan premises liability lawyers at Carr | Woodall are here to help you initiate your claim and hold the negligent property owner accountable.

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Determining Property Owner Liability

The level of liability a property owner owes a visitor depends on the designation of the visitor. If you are a customer at a grocery store, the store owes you an extremely high duty of care. If you are visiting a friend’s house, the friend will owe you a smaller duty of care. If a trespasser is injured, the owner of the property is potentially not liable. However, even trespassers can recover from certain dangerous conditions created by the owner, like a vicious dog used to protect property.

Delivering Client-Focused Representation

These cases are often very time sensitive. Evidence is necessary to prosecute your case. Frequently, if you wait too long to seek an attorney, that evidence can be gone. For example, video surveillance might be deleted after a week or two. Unlike many other areas of personal injury law, the evidence does not tend to remain for a very long time.

If you have been injured while on the property of an individual or business, do not hesitate to consult with Carr | Woodall. During the initial consultation, we can determine whether the landowner owed you a duty of care and whether that duty was breached. Premises liability is an important area of personal injury law – it helps landowners take precautions so that more people are not injured as a result of their negligence, and it ensures that innocent people can properly heal from injuries they have sustained.

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