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Spencer K. Ricks

Spencer Ricks graduated from the SJ Quinney School of Law at the University of Utah. While in law school, he focused his studies on trial advocacy and any clinical experience that would get him in a courtroom as early as possible in his education. Because of that focus, he was able to handle dozens of trials and motion hearings prior to even graduating law school.


Mr. Ricks’ practice now focuses primarily on all family law-related issues. He appears in Court several times a week on behalf of his clients on all types of family law matters. While he enjoys the courtroom, he knows that it may not always be the best way to resolve the case. Court can be costly, both financially and emotionally, and can irreparably damage the co-parenting relationship. It also places the decision-making for your family in someone else’s hands. Sometimes the most effective approach to helping a family through their case is in mediation, which is where the majority of family law cases are resolved.

Mr. Ricks places a particular emphasis in his practice on child advocacy. Having gone through extensive training, he is a court-certified and approved Guardian ad Litem, which is an attorney who represents children. In particularly challenging or high-conflict cases, he will often be appointed by the Court to represent the best interests of children.

Because of this perspective, Mr. Ricks is a strong advocate for fostering a positive co-parenting relationship and creating a healthy parent-child relationship to the greatest extent possible. When these two factors exist, the impact of the separation on your children is minimal, which should be everyone’s primary goal.


Mr. Ricks is married with two children who mean the world to him. He spends most of his spare time being outside with his family hiking, gardening, camping, walking the family dog, or cheering on the Utes. As a devoted Father, he understands how important children are to his clients and will work with you to create the best possible situation for your family.

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