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K. Bradley Carr

Attorney Brad Carr graduated from Baylor Law School on a full-tuition academic scholarship. Baylor is consistently ranked by US News as one of the top three schools in the nation for trial advocacy. During his time there, he participated in Baylor’s nationally recognized practice court program and received several awards for trial advocacy. Mr. Carr’s practice focuses on family law and landlord representation. He has handled dozens of bench trials, jury trials, hundreds of hearings, and filed thousands of motions. He is the managing attorney at Carr | Woodall and operates the firm with the idea that attorneys should be driven by their own personal desire to achieve the best outcome for their clients rather than a law firm’s financial gain. In fact, unlike most other law firms in the state, the attorneys at Carr | Woodall have no billing quotas. The only expectation is for each attorney to meet his or her client’s expectations.


There are few family law or landlord attorneys in this state who are in court as often as Mr. Carr. During a typical week, Mr. Carr will have five or more hearings. As complicated as you may believe your issues to be, chances are that Mr. Carr has previously dealt with the same issue in court several times before. There is simply no substitute for this level of experience that allows Mr. Carr to speak with authority and confidence when advocating on behalf of his clients. While Mr. Carr is a formidable trial attorney, he understands the expense both financially and emotionally for clients to go to trial. Mr. Carr will always encourage a client to accept a reasonable settlement in lieu of going to trial.

Family-Owned Business Divorces

Utah has a large market of self-employed individuals. Mr. Carr has represented many clients with family-owned businesses worth millions and even tens of millions of dollars. He has worked with forensic accounting experts to value these businesses. As the managing attorney of Carr | Woodall, he is also self-employed and manages all of the finances for the law firm. If you or your spouse is self-employed, Mr. Carr is an ideal fit for your divorce.


Mr. Carr is married with three boys and one girl. He spends his weekday evenings and weekends with his family at his children’s sporting events, on his motorcycle, camping, hiking, or doing just about anything else that keeps him and his family off the couch. With a family of his own, Mr. Carr understands just how important family law issues are for his clients. He understands what you are fighting for and why. He is proud of his children and believes that preserving a healthy parent-child relationship is an essential part of divorce. When he was 10, his own parents were divorced. He has experienced first-hand how divorce affects children. This helps him to anticipate potential challenges your children may face.