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Helping Victims of Work Place Injuries

Workplace accident cases are incredibly complex, and in many aspects, are more complicated than standard negligent claims resulting in injuries. As these cases involve the Workers Compensation Fund, they are governed by an entirely different set of rules and regulations. Workers' compensation insurance protection is designed to cover work-related disability or illness medical expenses, paying injured or disabled employees two-thirds of their average monthly salaries while they remain impaired. Workers may receive additional compensation for permanent physical injuries or the support of their dependents.

Our experienced Workers' Compensation attorneys know the rules and what exactly it takes to win. If you've been injured at work, but the injury was the result or caused by someone or something other than your employer, you may also be entitled to additional compensation. Please contact one of our Utah Workers' Compensation attorneys today for a free consultation.

What your Workers Compensation and Work Injury Attorney Will do for You

Carr Woodall is your best choice for experienced Utah worker's compensation and work injury attorneys. With us on your side, you can expect the best customer service and the settlement you deserve. What we will help you with:

  • Guide you through the entire legal process of your claim.
  • Answer your questions to ensure that you understand what is occurring through the whole process with frequent communication.
  • We will communicate with all the parties involved for you – police departments, witnesses, insurance companies, and anyone else involved in the claim
  • We will gather all of the evidence and information needed to build and prove your case. Every case is treated as though we are preparing for trial. This includes gathering official reports, preserving and obtaining physical evidence, collecting eyewitness testimony, proving medical injuries and treatment, involving the proper experts to provide evaluations and reports, etc.
  • We will make sure the insurance company plays by the rules, follows the law, and treats you fairly.
  • We will help you recover from your horrible accident and adapt to your new life.

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If you have been a victim of a workplace injury, you need the assistance of a compassionate worker's compensation attorney. Our South Jordan workers compensation lawyers are committed to fighting for the compensation you need and deserve.

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