Child Support

Utah has special guidelines for calculating the amount of child support that must be paid. Child support is the right of the child, which means a parent cannot waive or give away the child’s right to receive child support. The best interest of the child is a priority of the court. Typically, child support is granted contemporaneously with the divorce. However, the needs of your children may have changed since the original order. The financial circumstances of one or both of the parents may have changed. It may be appropriate to seek a child support modification.

Modification of a Child Support Order: To qualify for a modification, a certain amount of time must have passed since the original or previous order was granted. Additionally, there must be a material change in the amount of the new child support. If a medical condition is discovered that will result in a new financial burden, the court will consider modification of the child support order.

Often times, parents agree their children should receive adequate support for basic needs. However, problems tend to arise as opinions regarding the definition and extent of those basic needs differ. We are here to explain what to expect in Utah’s family court and then help navigate through the process in order to promote a fair result.

For a general idea about child support amounts, experiment with the support calculator. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that impact the data and how it should be typed into the calculator. Click on this link:  Child Support Calculator.

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