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Child support paymentUtah has special guidelines for calculating the amount of child support that must be paid. Child support is the right of the child, which means a parent cannot waive or give away the child’s right to receive child support. The best interest of the child is the court’s priority.

If you need the support of an accomplished and compassionate child support lawyers in South Jordan, turn to the team at Carr | Woodall. We understand that child support cases can be challenging both technically and emotionally. Our attorneys strive to relieve the stress you are feeling and help you approach the case with a clear mind and a level head. We can fight to ensure that the support you receive or pay is appropriate and tailored to your unique situation.

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How to Calculate Child Support in South Jordan

Quite often, parents agree that their children should receive adequate support for basic needs. However, problems tend to arise as opinions regarding the definition and extent of those basic needs differ. We are here to explain what to expect in Utah’s family court and then help you navigate through the process in order to promote a fair result.

For a general idea about child support amounts, we encourage you to experiment with Utah’s child support calculator. This tool can provide a rough estimate of what you can expect to receive or pay based on your situation.

Generally speaking, South Jordan, Utah courts determine child support payments based on:

  • Each parent’s income
  • Each parent’s earning potential
  • Childcare expenses
  • The parents’ and the child’s medical needs
  • The child’s standard of living before his/her parents divorced

Modifying a Child Support Order

To qualify for a modification, a certain amount of time must have passed since the original or previous order was granted. Additionally, there must be a material change that requires the amount of child support to be adjusted. For example, if a medical condition is discovered that will result in a new financial burden, the court will consider modification of the child support order.

Is There A Statute Of Limitations On Child Support In Utah?

For the person receiving child support in South Jordan, it is helpful to obtain a sum certain judgment for child support arrears. This judgment will then be good for eight years, regardless of when the youngest child reaches age 22. In addition, if the judgment has not been collected within the eight-year period, the person will want to make a motion to renew the judgment to extend its duration.

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