Alimony (Spousal Support)

Alimony is referred to as spousal support in the court system. Depending on each couple’s unique circumstances, either spouse can qualify to receive spousal support. Even while the divorce is still pending, the court may require alimony payments to cover reasonable monthly expenses. Upon granting the divorce decree, the court may find it necessary for spousal support to be continued or modified.

Spousal support is determined based upon the financial circumstances and needs of each spouse. Under special circumstances a judge may modify the court ordered amount and/or length of time for payments to be required. Sometimes, the ex-spouse is unable to pay the full amount or may even fail to make any payments. Enforcing or modifying an order of the court can be a difficult and drawn out process. If you believe circumstances justify a modification of the court’s order, we suggest you hire an attorney immediately and file your motion to modify without unnecessary delay. Even though it may take a few months to finally get a new court order, the new amount can begin as early as the date you filed your motion for the modification. So do not delay.

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