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Family after adoption in UtahAdoption is a major, life-altering event for both parents and the adoptive child. The process to adopt a child, whether you are married or single, is complex and must be finalized with a court order.

The court order establishes you as the new legal parent while terminating existing legal relationships between the biological parents and the adoptive child.

At the law firm of Carr | Woodall, our adoption lawyers will guide you through the legal procedure so you can dedicate your attention to the lifestyle changes when you welcome your new child or children.

Whether you are seeking to adopt a child or are a mother looking for help in adopting out your child, Carr | Woodall can help. Our firm provides compassionate and effective legal representation in all types of adoption cases.

The family lawyers represent stepparent, relative, foster parent, and private adoptions in South Jordan, Utah.

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Utah Laws & Qualifications for Adoption

In Utah, you may adopt either a minor child or an adult if you are:

  • A married adult
  • A stepparent of the adoptive child
  • A single adult who is not cohabiting with another intimate partner

You also must be at least 10 years older than the person you wish to adopt. In the case of married couples, only one party must meet this requirement. However, any married individual cannot adopt without the consent of his or her spouse.

In the case of unmarried fathers, if the father has not legally established paternity, it is not necessary to obtain his consent.

It is also not necessary to obtain the consent of anyone whose legal parental rights have been terminated.

However, any person whose consent is required for the adoption to take place has the right to contest the adoption in court.

Adoption can only be finalized after the child has lived with his or her adoptive parent(s) for a minimum of six months. In the case of a stepparent adopting his or her spouse’s child, that time period is extended to one year.

We Provide Comprehensive Help with All Forms of Adoption

Our law firm is here to facilitate your adoption, whether it is:

  • The adoption of a foster child
  • A stepparent adoption
  • A direct placement adoption
  • An agency-assisted adoption
  • The adoption of a child that is related to you
  • The adoption of an adult

The goal of our law firm is to help you navigate the adoption process smoothly and efficiently to achieve your goal.

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