Alimony Termination Rules: What You Need to Know

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When married couples get divorced, family courts will often order one spouse to pay alimony (also known as spousal support) to the other spouse. Utah has different types of alimony that can be awarded, and many factors are looked at by the court when determining whether or not there is a need for alimony. But once an alimony order is made, is it permanent for life? When does alimony end?

Well, it depends. The duration of alimony is based on what type of alimony was awarded as well as the couple’s unique circumstances. Keep reading to learn how long spousal support may last from our divorce attorney.

The Duration of Each Type of Alimony in Utah

Utah courts determine which type of alimony is the fairest based on the evidence they are provided by each party. This information will be taken into consideration to help the court decide which kind of alimony is the most appropriate. Each type of alimony has a set duration. Generally, these are the types of spousal support available in Utah:

Temporary Alimony:

As the name suggests, this type of alimony is temporary and is often ordered to only be paid during the duration of the divorce proceedings. If necessary, a different type of alimony will be requested to be paid after the divorce is final.

Bridge-the-Gap Alimony:

Bridge-the-gap alimony provides the receiving spouse with an income while they transition from married to living alone after a divorce. This form of alimony is common for shorter marriages. The duration of support cannot exceed two years, and the court will be specific on the date of termination at the time it is awarded.

Rehabilitative Alimony:

The purpose of rehabilitative alimony is for the receiving spouse to get financial help for the education, job training, job certification, etc. they need in order to become self-supporting. This type of alimony requires a specific plan that shows the person will have financial independence once the plan is completed. The timeframe for how long it will be paid will be specified in the order, and it will typically end on the completion of this court-approved plan.

Durational Alimony:

Durational alimony provides a spouse with financial assistance for a set amount of time following the end of either a short-term or long-term marriage if there is no ongoing need for permanent spousal support. Durational alimony ends when the receiving spouse gets remarried or upon the death of either party. Only in special cases can the length of an award of durational alimony be modified, and the time cannot exceed the length of the marriage.

Permanent Alimony:

Permanent alimony is awarded to spouses that lack the financial capacity to meet their needs and necessities of life after a divorce. It is awarded for marriages of long duration if the court deems the order appropriate and evidence supports the need for support. It can also be awarded in marriages of short duration if there are written findings of exceptional circumstances. This type of alimony will end upon the death of either party or if the receiving spouse gets remarried.

Need Assistance With an Alimony Matter?

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