3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid in a Divorce

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While some assume that trying to get through a divorce as quickly as possible could save money and mental energy, this is rarely the case. Trying to rush through a divorce could cost you even more in the long run.

Not Having Paperwork Prepared

There are many questions the judge will ask. It will be to your benefit to have appropriate answers and supporting documentation at hand to avoid wasting the judge’s time and looking unprofessional. A divorce lawyer can help make sure your divorce documentation is organized and complete. This may include income tax returns, marital debt paperwork, and the value of any properties and financial accounts.

Documents don’t lie – so having well-prepared documents will reduce courtroom confusion and debates.

Do Not Hide Money and Other Assets

Do not try to hide money, other assets, and any information regarding your finances from your spouse, your lawyer, or anybody else in the divorce process. Hiding money and assets is always a bad idea, and a judge is not likely to look at hiding this sort of information kindly. Mention every investment, account, retirement fund, stock, etc. to your attorney.

The Wrong Courtroom Attitude

By the time you reach divorce court proceedings, it is possible you may be filled with emotions and uncertainty. A lawyer understands the nervousness of clients and can provide coaching to reduce the chances you will make a bad impression that may influence the judge’s decision. Here are a few personality attitudes to avoid in the courtroom:

  • Giving the courtroom clerk attitude
  • Interrupting the judge
  • Cell phone not turned off
  • Making unreasonable demands
  • Dressing inappropriately

Contact a Skilled Attorney to Avoid Expensive Mistakes in a Divorce

Dissolving a marriage affects both your financial and personal life. Since emotions tend to run high during divorce proceedings, it is advisable to retain compassionate legal counsel. Choosing the wrong attorney may result in unfavorable judicial determinations, extended litigation, and the need to change counsel during proceedings.

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