Are My Divorce Records Private?

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When getting divorced, you may worry about what the general public can learn. Will your nosey aunt be able to find your child custody agreement? Can your HOA find your decree of divorce? Can your employer find your request for a protective order against your spouse?

These worries are entirely valid and many of our clients ask us the same questions. The good news is that Utah protects divorce records from the general public finding them as they are classified as private records.

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Private Records

A private record is a record that only the parties involved, their lawyers, and the court can access. With this limited access, the general public is unable to view or access a private record.

As of April 2012, divorce records in Utah are considered private records to protect the parties involved. This privacy can help those undergoing divorce or instances of domestic violence as they limit what the general public can learn about the court order. The specific records in a Utah divorce that are classified as private records are:

  • The petition for divorce
  • Any motions for temporary child custody orders
  • The request for a protective order
  • The motion to waive the waiting period for a divorce
  • The child custody order

These records can be accessed in future court dates for child custody, child support, or spousal support modifications. Unlike the other documents listed above, the divorce decree is not a private document and instead can be accessed by members of the general public, even if they were not involved with the case. 

South Jordan Divorce Attorney

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