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Considering a divorce is never easy, but navigating the legal process can be streamlined with the right guidance. Carr | Woodall provides comprehensive legal support for uncontested divorces in South Jordan, Utah. We aim to guide our clients through this transition as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

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What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties agree to end their marriage and resolve all related matters without court intervention. This type of divorce tends to be quicker and more cost-effective than contested divorces.

At Carr | Woodall, we recognize the importance of maintaining an amicable relationship, mainly when children are involved. Our experienced attorneys facilitate open communication and negotiation to reach fair agreements on issues such as child custody, visitation, spousal support, and asset division.

Uncontested Divorce Requirements in Utah

Specific requirements must be met in Utah to qualify for an uncontested divorce. These include:

  • Residency: At least one spouse must have lived in Utah for three months before filing for divorce.
  • Agreement on Key Issues: Both parties must agree on major aspects of the divorce, including child custody, support, and asset division.
  • No Contest: Neither spouse can contest the divorce or its terms.

Our team at Carr | Woodall is well-versed in Utah's divorce laws and requirements. We guide clients through the process, ensuring all necessary documents are prepared and filed correctly.

The Uncontested Divorce Process in Utah

In Utah, an uncontested divorce offers a streamlined and amicable approach for couples seeking to dissolve their marriage without prolonged legal battles. Here's an overview of the uncontested divorce process in Utah:

  • Mutual Agreement: The spouses must agree on all aspects of the divorce, including asset division, debt division, child custody, visitation schedules, and child support (if applicable).
  • Filing the Petition: One spouse, the petitioner, files a petition for divorce with the appropriate Utah district court. The petition outlines the agreed-upon terms and grounds for divorce, usually citing irreconcilable differences.
  • Service of Process: The petitioner serves the other spouse, the respondent, with a copy of the divorce petition and summons. The respondent has a specific timeframe for responding.
  • Waiting Period: Utah law imposes a mandatory waiting period of 30 days after the respondent is served before the divorce can be finalized.
  • Negotiation and Settlement: During the waiting period, both spouses may negotiate any remaining issues or modifications to the initial agreement. If needed, they may seek mediation to resolve disputes with the assistance of a neutral third party.
  • Finalizing the Divorce: Once the waiting period expires and any outstanding issues are resolved, the spouses submit a final stipulation and settlement agreement to the court for approval. If the court finds the agreement fair and equitable, it issues a divorce decree, officially terminating the marriage.
  • Completion: The decree of divorce issued completes the divorce process, and the spouses can move forward with their lives separately. Unlike a contested divorce, an uncontested divorce saves time, money, and emotional stress.
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How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take?

One advantage of uncontested divorces is their relatively quick resolution. The timeline varies based on factors such as complexity and cooperation.

In Utah, the court must wait 90 days after filing the divorce petition to finalize the divorce. However, if no minor children are involved, this waiting period may be waived, potentially expediting the process.

With Carr | Woodall by your side, you can expect efficient handling of all paperwork and legal proceedings, minimizing delays and ensuring that your uncontested divorce is completed promptly. We aim to provide you with the support and guidance you need to move forward with your life as smoothly as possible.

The Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

The kitchen table settlement is almost always preferable. By simply agreeing to the divorce terms, each party avoids paying his or her attorney an hourly rate to negotiate a resolution, conduct discovery, attend mediation, and, if necessary, prepare for and conduct a trial.

Uncontested divorce saves the parties the emotional and financial expense of a long and draining process that could last a year or more. Furthermore, the outcome in a contested divorce is often no different than if the parties had agreed to a reasonable outcome on their own.

Our Pricing

At Carr | Woodall, we handle uncontested divorces, start to finish, starting at $1,000 plus filing fees, and $50.00 to attend a court-mandated parenting class if you have minor children. We will provide you with the class dates, times, and locations.

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