First Step to Getting a Divorce

Despite what any attorneys will tell you, the first step to getting a divorce is not to find an attorney.  A divorce attorney can become essential, and in most cases, it is. But the first step is to determine exactly what you can expect over the next few months. Is your spouse someone who is going to be able to cooperate with you in getting a divorce? Do you have kids? How can you keep them safe? How can you make sure that they know that both of their parents love them?

The truth is, uncontested divorces are becoming more and more common. Too many attorneys avoid uncontested divorces because they are not the money makers for attorneys. An uncontested divorce will cost you around $999 plus $318 (for filing) plus $55 each spouse for the parenting class if you have kids. In other words, even with kids, you are looking at getting divorced for less than $1,500. That is only $750 each.

On the other hand, a contested divorce requires mediation, two attorneys, discovery, and a lot of hourly bills. The average divorce costs each spouse around $3500. If your divorce becomes particularly difficult, that amount can skyrocket.

So the point is, the first step to a divorce is to determine whether you and your spouse could possibly reach an agreement, even before you file for divorce. If that is at all possible, then you will be looking at saving a lot of money, time, and stress.

Be wary of any attorney that tells you he or she will raise trouble for the other side. That kind of attorney will cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, judges don’t like those kinds of attorneys because they create more work for the judge too. Do you really want an attorney the judges don’t like? Find an attorney who will help you move on with your life quickly. See if your spouse will be willing to cooperate. Rather than pay $7,000 in attorney’s fees, you can split a much smaller bill.

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