How To File For a Restraining Order in Utah

How To Get a Protective Order in Utah

Person holding a hand up as if to say stop.If you have already been harmed or feel as though you might be harmed, you should not let financial obligations owed to you discourage you from filing for a restraining order in Utah. Some victims are hesitant that a restraining order will prevent or make it difficult for them to receive financial payments such as child support, alimony, or other payments. However, it is possible that a protective order will require the respondent to continue the financial support to the victim(s).

Plans to move out of the state should not prevent you from filing for a restraining order in Utah. If you let your Utah Lawyer know which state you plan to relocate to, they can walk you through the process of ensuring your protective order is upheld in Utah as well as the state you are moving to. It is best to file for a protective order as soon as possible and to ensure that there are no jurisdiction issues if the harm occurred in Utah, you should file for a restraining order with a Utah court.

The assumption that the issue will resolve itself also prevents some people from filing for a restraining order. If you believe that your personal safety, the safety of your children or the safety of someone you live with is jeopardized, filing for a restraining order is likely the best action to take. Once a protective order is issued in Utah, it can be amended or recalled if the circumstances change. It would be better to file for a restraining order and then have it dismissed than fail to protect yourself from harm.

Restraining orders are commonly issued to wives in order to protect them from abusive husbands; however, it is important to note that you do not have to be related to a person in order to file a restraining order against them. Restraining orders can also be issued against a person you have lived with or a person you share a child with. In addition, there are other legal remedies available, such as a stalking injunction, even if you have never lived with or had a direct relationship with the person who has done or you feel will likely do you harm.

Certain individuals believe that physical abuse is required in order to have a judge issue a restraining order; however, this is not accurate. If an individual has the ability to do you harm and that individual has threatened to do so, you can file for a restraining order and a Utah judge will hear the details of your situation. Do not wait until you have been physically harmed to seek a protective order.

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Additional assistance can be provided by calling the Utah Domestic Violence Hotline.

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