How Long Does It Take to Get Divorced in Utah?

By the time you are headed down the path of divorce, you probably have a sense of urgency to get it over with and get a fresh start on a new life. This is probably one of the most common questions answered by South Jordan Divorce Lawyers. To give you the most general answer, a Divorce can take anywhere from 90 days (less if there has been serious abuse) to a year or more.

At a minimum, the divorce will take 90 days from the day you file. This is due to the required waiting period in Utah. Most states have a similar waiting period. The policy behind this waiting period is to prevent people from making rash decisions. There is no question that all relationships have ups and downs. The waiting period prevents a situation in which two individuals going through a difficult time get a divorce only to regret it later.

Believe it or not, it is not that uncommon for a married couple to initiate a divorce only to reconcile a few weeks or months later. We have an entire file full of divorces “on hold.” Meaning the couple is attempting to work things out. You could imagine how much more difficult it would have been for those people had they been divorced immediately upon filing. Not too long ago, the 90-day waiting period could be waived for any good reason. That basically meant that if you filed an affidavit saying that there was no chance you and your spouse could reconcile, you could waive the waiting period. Now, the law requires that there be extraordinary circumstances. That generally means there has been some abuse or there is some other very compelling reason to terminate the marriage immediately.

Another factor in determining the length of divorce is whether or not you have children and there is a custody battle. Custody battles are emotionally and financially draining. If you have a custody evaluation, it will take at least four to six months just for the evaluation.

Perhaps the most important factor in determining the length of the divorce is the level of disagreement between the parties. If you know that you and your spouse will be fighting about the kitchen utensils, then strap in for a long ride. If you and your spouse will likely agree on 90% or more of the property division even before you have hired an attorney, then chances are you can be divorced relatively quickly.

If you need a divorce attorney in South Jordan, give us a call. Our experienced lawyers will be able to get you the right results for the right price.

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