Who Is the Best Divorce Attorney in Salt Lake City?

There is no such thing as the best divorce attorney in Salt Lake City. There are well over a hundred, well-known, competent divorce attorneys in the Salt Lake area. These are attorneys who know the process in and out and have developed many legal strategies. The fact is, for those of us who make a living doing divorces, everything is routine. There is no magic argument that will always win. It is not just about finding the best attorney, it is about finding the best attorney FOR YOU.

There is a lot of emotional turmoil during a divorce. For some people, they need more than a legal advisor, they need a friend and confidant. They need someone to be able to call 24-7 and spend a few minutes venting about just how difficult everything is right now. If this describes you, you need to find a competent attorney who can offer you a warm handshake, and be available with a direct line at any time. He or she will need to be someone who is willing to spend time on the phone talking you through each step and providing both legal and emotional support. You would want to avoid the attorney who is trying to rush you off the phone each time you call.

Other people just want to be divorced. They don’t care much about the details, as long as everything is fair. If this describes you, then you want to find a competent attorney who is extraordinarily efficient. This kind of attorney would be able to file a petition for divorce the same day you meet him/her. The attorney won’t ask you a lot of questions. The email correspondence will be short and only when necessary. You will get regular updates every other week or so and your attorney is not going to spend time on the phone as your emotional coach, because he/she has other clients.

Then there is a middle ground. These are people who don’t necessarily need an emotional coach, but they do want to be involved substantially in the decision making. If this describes you, then you want to find a competent attorney who has mastered the use of email. Every time the opposing counsel sends an email, you get a copy. Every time something is filed, you get a copy. You would get regular updates from the attorney, generally as often as twice a week. This attorney would have a lot of questions in the beginning.

The point is, there is not a “best lawyer in Salt Lake City” there is a best lawyer FOR YOU in Salt Lake City. When you meet with your attorney for the first time, tell him/her what you expect. Be candid. If you want someone to help you carry the emotional burden, make that clear to your attorney. If you don’t want to be bothered unless absolutely necessary, mention that.

We have several divorce lawyers in our office. They are all highly competent, but they all practice law differently. After we get to know you, we will match you with the best lawyer in our office for you.

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