Criminal Defense Attorneys

Many times, alleged criminals lack the resources to defend themselves against a legal system that often gives an advantage to the State. It is our goal of our Utah criminal defense attorneys to balance the scales. If you are faced with charges, there is a lot on the line. It can affect you financially, physically, and emotionally. The consequences of a poor defense are life-altering and will affect not just you, but those you love. The experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Utah law firm of Carr | Woodall present a qualified defense that represents your best interests.


DUIs are among the most common cases handled by criminal defense attorneys. A DUI on your record can have a significant impact on many aspects of your life including future employment opportunities. With the first offense, you could spend up to six months in jail.

Although an ethical attorney cannot guarantee an outcome with a DUI defense, probation is often an option alternative to jail time.

With each new DUI offense, the penalties become more severe.

Drug Charges

Possession and/or Distribution charges can cause a lot of stress. The seriousness of the charge depends on the type of drug, and amount you were accused of possessing.

Penalties range from probation for a minor offense to suspension of your driver’s license or jail time for serious offenses.


A prior criminal record, even from a life long ago, can affect lease applications, employment opportunities, licensing, insurance, etc. After certain requirements are met, you may be able to get your record expunged. This will prevent most, not necessarily all, government agencies, potential employers, leasing agents, etc. from knowing about a your past.

Protective Orders

Protective Orders often start in civil cases such as a divorce. However, failure to abide by the terms of a protective order can result in serious charges. You should almost NEVER agree to entry of a protective order against you. In the rare cases you do, make sure you have consulted an experienced protective order attorney first.

We are passionate about the law and providing successful outcomes for our clients.