Salt Lake City Parenting Plans

A Utah Parenting Plan is a document that specifies which parent will have visitation rights for mutually agreed upon holidays, birthdays and special events. The document is very simple and straight forward. To print an example of a Utah Parenting Plan to use in simplifying your child custody arrangements, please download our example holiday schedule located at the bottom of this page.

When it comes to a Utah Divorce, one of the most contentious topics is child custody. This contention can continue after the divorce becomes final if parents do not complete a Utah Parenting Plan. Some parents enter into a divorce with the best of intentions to be fair when it comes to child custody and child support; however, post-divorce issues can render verbal agreements nothing more than a game of “he said, she said”. To avoid any child visitation issues that may result, and in an order to do what is best for the children, we strongly recommend that both the mother and father complete a parenting plan with their lawyer. The completed parenting plans can be compared during the divorce proceedings and a fair visitation schedule can be created.

Once you download and complete your Utah Parenting Plan, you will submit the document to your lawyer. Once the lawyers for both parties create a final version, they will file the visitation schedule with the rest of the divorce paperwork thus making the parenting plan binding to both of the parents.

It is important to note that a typical parenting plan includes much more than just the holiday schedule. An ideal plan will also include answers to potential questions concerning child custody. These questions include what happens if one parent moves. Should the moving parent be required to pay additional travel costs to pick-up and drop off the child or children?  Which parent should carry medical insurance? If the parent carrying the medical insurance loses their job, how should medical insurance be purchased and paid for? Thinking about these questions and coming up with answers helps ensure that both parents understand what is expected of them with regards to childcare.  The expert attorneys at Carr Law Utah can help you generate a thorough parenting plan that addresses these and other important questions.

A parenting plan can be added to the court documents after the divorce is final; however, you will incur additional court costs and lawyer fees so it is recommended that a completed parenting plan be filed with the courts during your divorce proceedings. Because child custody is typically the most important issue in a divorce between parents with children, we recommend that the Utah Parenting Plan is one of the first items that both parents address.

Utah Parenting Plans are not required in divorce proceedings; however, they can assist in streamlining the child visitation and custody process and they can also be a great asset for reducing post-divorce conflict among parents. It is highly recommended and in the best interest of the children that each parent complete a parenting plan document and that a final, mutually agreed upon version is filed with the courts.

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