How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost?

An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties agree to the division of property and child custody even before they file for divorce. Uncontested divorces are becoming more and more common because they are much less expensive, faster, and in most cases, people end up getting what they would have received had the divorce been hotly contested. THAT’S RIGHT, in most hotly contested divorces the, absent strong facts supporting the contrary, most judges just split everything down the middle anyway. You can get an uncontested divorce attorney, or you can go it alone. Going for it alone works for many people who have the time to devote to learning the process.

We always recommend hiring an attorney (not just because it is good for our business) but because things tend to fall through the cracks causing delay, and in some cases, dismissal. If you want to go at it without an uncontested divorce attorney then I suggest you start here. This website will allow you to create all of the necessary forms, charges a nominal fee ($20 I think), and all you have to worry about is the filing fee. Here is what you can expect to spend if you do not hire an uncontested divorce attorney:

  1. Filing Fee $310
  2. Vital Statistics Fee $8
  3. Online Court Assistance Forms Fee $20
  4. Divorce Education Class $35, each (if you have minor children)
  5. Divorce Orientation Class $20, each (if you have minor children)
  6. TOTAL = $448

If you hire an uncontested divorce attorney you can expect to pay all of the fees above, minus the online court assistance forms fee, plus a flat fee usually around $999. We charge the flat fee $999 plus $448 for filing, vital statistics, and the classes. (Total = $1,427 or $1,317 if you do not have minor children).

We are very transparent about our fees. This is an out-the-door price. There is no addition for tax, copies, etc. It is just a plain, flat fee. You can shop around and find some attorneys who will do the divorce as low as $699 (plus all the other fees) but it is not uncommon for you to get an additional charge for copies, appearance fees, etc. which often pushes you over the $999. So if you are calling around looking for the best deal, use the numbers above as a standard to compare other prices. Be clear when you ask whether there are other potential fees.

Every attorney will charge you additional expense in the event that the divorce becomes contested (or the attorney will withdraw, depending on the case).

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