Can I Still Get Married if I am Legally Separated?

You cannot get remarried until you have been divorced, or the marriage annulledSeparation is sort of a testing grounds for divorce. During the separation, the couple will get a glimpse into what life may be like if they decide to get divorced. However, the couple continues to be married while living apart. Occasionally, this separation becomes more permanent than originally planned. Life moves fast and things are quickly forgotten until later on down the road when one of the spouses wants to remarry.

In order to remarry, you must get divorced. Not doing so can result in serious charges brought against you. If you have been legally separated for a long time, an uncontested divorce may be a good way to move things along quickly. Typically, emotions have settled and each spouse has taken his/her share of the property, making the divorce move along quickly.

Of course, this is not always the case. If you are legally separated and you would like to remarry, it is essential that you make the arrangement with your former spouse permanent. You can do this by contacting a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City to discuss your options.

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