Post-Foreclosure Eviction

Carr Law is a part of the Law Offices of James H. Woodall, PLLC. During the past decade, we have handled more than 20,000 foreclosures. If the property reverts to the bank in a foreclosure sale, the banks typically hire our firm to handle the post-foreclosure eviction. In these cases, you are either evicting the former owner or a tenant of the former owner. We have handled thousands of post-foreclosure evictions.

The process differs slightly from a standard eviction. For example, rather than a three day notice to pay or vacate, a five day notice to vacate needs to be posted. You can click here to download a copy of our five day notice. In addition, you must understand both state and federal law. The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act provides additional rights to bona fide tenants.

If you purchase a property at a foreclosure sale and a tenant is residing their, you may have to wait for the lease to expire. However, during that time, the tenant will be required to follow all of the terms of the lease, including payment of rent.

If you purchased the home with the intent of making it your primary residence, you will likely be able to take possession of the home more quickly.

If you recently purchased a home at a foreclosure sale and the tenant or previous owner refuses to vacate, give us a call. Our Utah post-foreclosure eviction lawyers have experience handling these evictions all of Utah.