Nonpayment of Rent

By far, the most common reason for eviction is nonpayment of rent. This is also one of the most simple types of evictions. As soon as rent is late, you can post a notice to  pay or vacate. This notice gives the tenant three calendar days to pay rent plus any fees that you may have assessed such as notice posting fees or late fees. This is calculated with day one being the day following posting. If the tenant hasn’t paid, then on day four you can serve the tenant with a summons and complaint. Although you can go it alone, it is nice to have an experienced utah eviction lawyer on your side.

Our team has plenty of experience. Furthermore, we handle a high enough volume that we can keep the costs low. We charge a flat fee of $250.00 per eviction for attorney fees plus costs (such as the court filing fee). If the tenant files an answer, then a hearing will be required and there will be an additional charge of $150.00 for an attorney to prepare and appear the hearing.

We openly advertise our prices because we believe they are as or more competitive than any other eviction law firm in Utah. But what we are most proud of is the service we offer. We guarantee efficiency. We will file the complaint for eviction by the next business day of receiving payment for our services. In fact, in most cases, the eviction complaint will be filed with a few hours. If we don’t make that deadline, then you will be reimbursed the $250.00 for attorney fees.

If you need an eviction lawyer in Utah, give us a call.