Commercial Eviction

Recently, we started offering legal services to commercial landlords. Most law firms charge hourly for commercial evictions. In an effort to build this part of our practice, we are possibly the only law firm in Utah to do a flat fee commercial evictions for $250.00 plus costs.

Commercial tenant evictions can take longer than a standard residential eviction. In a residential eviction, the court is required to schedule a hearing within ten days after the tenant files an answer (although they often take longer). There is no such right in a commercial eviction which means that contested commercial evictions usually take longer than residential contested evictions.

In most cases, an agreement is reached with the tenant that vitiates the need to file a complaint for eviction. With commercial evictions, our utah eviction law firm starts with giving the tenant a call (unless specficially requested not to). The reason for this is that there are often other problems association with a commercial eviction besides possession. Regaining possession is the easy part, but what about dealing with all of the equipment and inventory left behind? In some cases, you may have a commercial tenant with thousands or hundreds of thousands of dallers worth of inventory. Mishandling such property can result in substantial liability.

If you need a commercial eviction lawyer in Utah, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss the options available to you.