Traffic Tickets

Most traffic offenses are classified as infractions (no imprisonment and fines up to $750) or class C misdemeanors, (maximum imprisonment of 90 days and fines up to $750). Some traffic offenses, such as drunk driving, are classified as more serious offenses and have the possibility of longer terms of imprisonment and higher fines. Additionally, traffic offenses can impact your driver’s license and your insurance rates.

Generally speaking, if you choose to dispute your traffic citation rather than paying the fine, you must appear in court and enter a plea of “not guilty.” In most cases we are able to negotiate a compromise of the offense and settle the matter without a trial. We will negotiate with the prosecuting attorney on your behalf. In the unlikely event that we are unable to reach an agreement, a trial will be scheduled. The judge will hear testimony from the officer who issued the citation, and any witnesses we or the prosecutor may call to testify.  Although trial can be intimidating for many people, we can assist you in preparing for trial and help you present your side of the story.

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