A misdemeanor is an offense lower than a felony which can be punished with  jail time and/or a fine.  There are three categories of misdemeanors.

Class A misdemeanors include negligent homicide, DUI with injury, theft, assault on a police officer, criminal mischief, and possession of marijuana (more than one ounce, less than 16 ounces).  Possible penalties include up to one year in jail and up to a $2500 fine.

Class B misdemeanors include assault, resisting arrest, DUI, reckless driving, possession of marijuana under one ounce, possession of drug paraphernalia, shoplifting (under $300), trespass of a dwelling, public nuisance, concealed weapon, and many traffic offenses.  Possible penalties include up to six months in jail and up to a $1000 fine.

Class C misdemeanors include public intoxication, driving without a valid license, and driving on a suspended license. Possible penalties include up to 90 days in jail and up to a $750 fine.

At Carr Law, we understand what is at stake when you have been charged with a misdemeanor. We employ many tactics to fight your case, and in most cases we successfully negotiate a reduction in charges. However, sometimes an out-of-court agreement with the prosecuting attorney is inadequate. In those circumstances, we will represent you in the courtroom before a jury or a judge.

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