DWI/DUI Attorney Salt Lake City

An arrest for a DWI or DUI can have serious consequences. Typically, a first offense results in a license suspension of 120 days. For a second or third offense, the license suspension may be in effect for two years. Additional consequences may include community service, alcohol education and treatment, costly fines, jail time, and installation of a mandatory vehicle ignition interlock device.

At Carr Law, we understand what is at stake when you have been charged with a DWI or DUI. We employ many tactics to fight your case, and in most cases it is possible to negotiate a reduction in charges. However, sometimes an out-of-court agreement with the prosecuting attorney is inadequate. In those circumstances, you can rely on us as experienced DUI Attorneys in Salt Lake City knowing that we will represent you in the courtroom.

The cost of a taxi ride home might cost you a few dollars, but the costs associated with a DWI/DUI charge will cost you hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars. Feel free to put my number in your pocket. I will fight hard for your rights after the fact, but here are two more numbers you might keep handy: Yellow Cab 801-521-2100 and Ute Cab 801-359-7788.

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