Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

Divorces are either contested or uncontested. Uncontested means that the parties agree to all of the issues. Nearly every case that begins as a contested matter is resolved at some point without having to go to trial, but if you can come to an agreement before filing for divorce or hiring an attorney, you can save substantial time, effort, and expense.

The kitchen table settlement is almost always preferable. By simply agreeing to terms, each party avoids paying his or her own attorney an hourly rate to negotiate a resolution, conduct discovery, attend mediation and, if necessary, prepare for and conduct a trial.

Uncontested divorces save the parties the emotional and financial expense of a long and draining divorce that could last a year or more. Furthermore, the outcome in a contested divorce is often no different than if the parties had sat down and agreed to a reasonable outcome on their own.


We handle uncontested divorces, start to finish, for $450.00. You’ll also pay a court filing fee of $318.00 and $50.00 to attend a court-mandated parenting class if you have minor children. We will provide you with the dates, times and locations of the class.


You have enough on your mind; our firm will take care of the legal issues. Your only responsibility will be to describe the terms of your settlement and to sign the necessary forms. We’ll also need a tax return and wage stub if you have minor children.


Although the paperwork can be completed in a day, there is a mandatory 90-day waiting period that begins with the initial filing. The waiting period can be waived, but only in extraordinary circumstances. We file electronically from our offices, so the 90-day waiting period starts immediately.

We are passionate about the law and providing successful outcomes for our clients.