Professional Licensing Defense

Professional licenses are becoming more and more regulated Utah.  Charges against your professional license or charges preventing you from obtaining your professional license can have devastating consequences for you and your family.  You have worked hard to earn your professional license and your reputation in your field.  When a professional licensing complaint is made against you, you need someone on your team that can protect your license, your livelihood, and your reputation.  By having a former State Bar prosecutor representing you before the professional licensing boards, you have a lawyer that knows what the investigators are looking for; how the case will be handled by the agency; and how to defend the allegations.


Professionals serve a wide client base that can include disgruntled clients that make fabricated or exaggerated complaints with the with Utah’s Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing (“DOPL”) or the Utah State Bar Office of Professional Conduct (“OPC”).  Even meritless complaints are investigated, and you may be contacted to respond to the allegations.  Before you respond to any complaint you should seek representation so that you can dispute the allegations and have the case closed or an outcome negotiated that will not affect your ability to support yourself or your loved ones.




Once violations have been filed, then the formal hearing process begins.  You may be looking at probation or a license suspension.  As a professional, you need representation that knows the formal process and how to analyze the evidence to develop the best strategy to defend your license and your income. This often involves a proactive strategy, preparing for questions before they are asked by a hearing panel or judge.


Professional Licensing Applications


The licensing agencies set regulations on license admission based upon qualification and good moral character.  The boards and agencies may have questions about issues from your past such as criminal convictions, bankruptcy, child support, or alimony that you must explain.  Do not respond to these inquiries without seeking legal counsel to assist you in addressing your past issues.  Your uninformed response may create additional problems and barriers to you obtaining your license.  Proving your rehabilitation since your past issue is also a pivotal part of any response.  Working with an attorney allows you to gather that evidence and present it so that you can obtain your license, start your career, and earn an income for you and your family.

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