Our Prices

We believe in total transparency with fees and costs. Furthermore, businesses flourish is a more certain and predictable environment. To that end, you can calculate what each eviction will potentially cost even before starting the process. Please see our table of fees and costs below. (Fees are what is paid to us, costs are what is paid to third parties).

Attorney Fees Uncontested $250.00 flat fee per eviction
Appearance Fees (if tenant files an answer) $150.00 flat fee per appearance
Utah Court Filing Fee $75.00 (for damages $2,000 or less)$185.00 (for damages $2,001 – $9,999)$360.00 (for damages $10,000 and more)
Service Fees (summons and complaint) $35.00 ($70.00 for two or more defendants)
Constable Posting of Writ $35.00
Constable Lockout Fee $75.00

*NO EXTRA CHARGE for nuisance evictions.

**COMMERCIAL EVICTIONS: We do commercial evictions for a flat fee of $450.00 plus the $150.00 per appearance fee.

***REMOTE COUNTIES: Appearance and constable fees in some remote counties may be higher.