Depending on your preparation, the business of being a landlord can lead to financial success or unwanted difficulties and debt. Call us at Carr Law to prepare for success. Whether you need a lease agreement created or reviewed, a tenant evicted, past due rents collected, or advice on any other legal implication of being a landlord, we can help. No job is too small or too big for Carr Law Utah.

The first step to protect yourself is to prepare an adequate application and interview process. Caution must be taken to avoid discrimination or violation of individuals rights. The correct approach will help ensure that you have the highest probability of finding a responsible tenant. Next, it is important to draft a precise lease agreement. This is the governing document for all disputes you may have with your tenant. Furthermore, it helps the tenant understand your expectations.

EVICTIONS: If you need help with evictions, Carr Law Utah is here for you. We negotiate a flat fee to perform evictions on behalf of our landlord clients. Evictions follow an expedited process, and although we can never know for sure how long it will take, it is common to complete the entire process within a week or two.  Whether you simply want guidance through your first eviction procedure or you prefer to have a law firm handle all of your evictions, we can take care of you. Since we represent both landlords and tenants in various disputes, we are intimately familiar with the laws protecting both landlords and tenants, and we are very successful at achieving fair outcomes.  Below is a partial list of various landlord responsibilities that you may enjoy reviewing:


  • – Comply with all health and building codes that apply to the property you rent
  • – Make requested repairs within a reasonable time and manner
  • – Give tenants 24 hours notice before entering the home, unless otherwise agreed to in the lease or there is an emergency
  • – Ensure that tenants have a peaceful, sanitary, and private residence
  • – Unless agreed otherwise, a landlord must give 15 days notice before modifying any month-to-month agreement
  • – Abide by the lease agreement
  • – Accommodate the tenant’s right to privacy in his or her home


  • – Discriminate based on sex, race, color, national origin, or disability
  • – Refuse to make reasonable repairs that he or she has a legal duty to make
  • – Fail to disclose dangerous conditions on the property such as mold
  • – Attempt to evict the tenant from the property without following the proper procedure
  • – Keep security deposits without good cause and a disclosure of the repairs to the tenant
  • – Sell a tenants abandoned property without first giving notice and following the proper procedures

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