A guardianship refers to the legal relationship between a competent adult (the guardian) and either a minor or an incapacitated adult (the ward). A person can be considered incapacitated for many reasons including mental deficiency, physical illness, chronic use of drugs or alcohol, severe behavior problems, unusually poor judgment, etc. In each of these situations, a guardianship may be created.

The guardian will be charged with making many of life’s decisions on behalf of the ward as well as a duty to attend to physical needs of the ward including shelter, food, clothing, medical care, etc. Since a guardianship potentially takes away various rights that the ward would normally have, courts are sometimes hesitant to impose a guardianship in certain cases.

Before deciding to pursue a guardianship, we highly recommend speaking with an attorney. Whether you are seeking to become a guardian, or someone is seeking to become your guardian, Carr Law can help.

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