A divorce can be a very challenging experience. The issues in a divorce are typically complex and emotionally-charged. In a contested divorce, having the right attorney is essential. It allows you to place many of your worries with your attorney. Utah requires that most couples undergo mandatory mediation before presenting their case to the judge. During mediation, we will negotiate crucial issues such as property and debt division, alimony (spousal support), child support and even child custody.

The longer a divorce takes, the higher the financial and emotional costs. To prevent this, we do our best to resolve everything in mediation as quickly as possible. However, mediation may not always resolve all issues, and you should never have to give in to unreasonable demands. We have experience in the court room and can help achieve the results you deserve.

The procedure for a divorce is to file the proper documents for divorce with the court and then have those documents served on your spouse. Next, your spouse has 20 days to respond (or 30 days if your spouse lives outside of Utah). Both of you will be required to attend two divorce education classes. These classes require about three hours to complete and are usually offered several days a week at various times. There is a 90-day waiting period before a divorce can be granted by the judge. In a few cases, the classes and the waiting period can be waived by the judge. During this 90-day waiting period, couples should complete the classes and attend mediation to resolve any contested issues. Once everything is resolved and the time period has run, the judge will sign the final divorce documents. If all issues are not resolved, the couple must present their case to the judge in a formal trial setting.

If you have questions about filing for a divorce, contact us. This initial consultation is free and in-person. We will be able to advise you as to what to expect. We can help you understand the consequences of filing for divorce. We understand that this is a big decision. There are many variables. We are committed to reducing the stress in our clients’ lives by being available, answering their questions, walking with them through this process, and preparing them for a fresh start.

If you and your spouse have already been able to agree to all the terms of your divorce, then we recommend an uncontested divorce as a less expensive, and more efficient alternative.

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