Collection on Restitution

Restitution is the concept of putting someone back in the same condition as he or she was prior to the accident or wrong. If someone has caused you financial harm, or taken something from you illegally, a criminal court will often enter a judgment of restitution. This might require a thief to repay the value of the items he or she stole from you, or require a drunk driver to pay the  cost to repair the property damage he or she may have caused in accident.

The problem is that a judgment means very little. Essentially, it isn’t much better than an IOU if the person doesn’t have any money to pay. You may have heard the saying, “you can’t get blood out of a stone.” That is to say, you cannot take from someone what they don’t have. This leaves many people frustrated and upset with the system. They believe that there is no real justice. All a criminal needs to do is get paid in cash and fly under the radar and there isn’t much you can do about it.

For the most part, this is true. Even highering the best collection lawyers in Utah is probably not going to get you anywhere. We believe that most collection situations like this are analagous to the tortious and the hare. We have access to big databases that many people don’t. We can run searches at a fraction of the cost of a standard consumer that allow us to keep track of people.

Although there are never any guarantees, our collections lawyers in South Jordan will work hard to get as much of your judgment collected as possible. In most cases, we don’t get paid until we start getting results for you.

Whether you need help with a single collection, or you have hundreds of judgments a week, we can help you.