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Attorney Kenneth Wright Carr has been handling injury cases since 1985, including auto accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bites, and slip and falls. Mr. Carr has obtained millions of dollars for his clients. As a man who does not need to work, he is totally devoted to his clients. He carries a smaller caseload than most personal injury attorneys to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Mr. Carr has been around injuries, doctors, and lawyers since his career began over 30 years ago. He grew up in a surgeon’s home. His sister is a physical therapist and his oldest brother was a trial attorney who represented insurance companies. He has four children. Two of them are attorneys. In fact, Mr, Carr came out of retirement to join his son, Brad Carr, at Carr | Woodall.

Mr. Carr was also injured in a car accident, so he personally knows what it is like to be a client who was injured by another’s carelessness. He prefers serving injured people rather than representing insurance companies.

Mr. Carr is committed to getting a fair settlement from the insurance company – but if the insurance company does not make a fair settlement offer, he can present your story to the jury. Unlike most injury attorneys in Utah, he has served on a jury. He has seen the inner-workings of juries and how they process decisions. He believes in juries and their ability to reach a fair and thoughtful resolution.

Mr. Carr does not get paid unless his clients get paid. He can meet you anywhere and at any time.